"Harley" from Patricia Mingle / Garland - Texas - USA

In April 2009 I had noticed that Harley was licking himself so often he was losing his hair. I took him to the vetennarian’s on May 1 to get a bath, update his shots, and see the doctor. At that time I hoped that the bath might help.

On June 24th T took him back in (then diagnosed w/liver disease). The doctor knows that Harley is impossible to medicate via pill or orally. Noticing Harley had lost more hair, he suggested the Feliway diffuser. I tried it out in my master bathroom where he spends the nights, and would move it into my bedroom during the day where he likes to spend most of his day. It took a few days before I began to notice a difference. Of course it took longer than that for the hair to grow back, but he quit throwing up the dreaded hairballs. That helped so much because he also has trouble keeping his food down due to the liver disease.

I have recommended Feliway to a friend of mine who has a female cat with a very nasty attitude. It has worked really well for her. It used to be that if you looked at her cat wrong, she would hiss at you. Now she ignores you.

I am very thankful that my veterinarian knew about Feliway, because it has made such a difference in Harley. It is helping both of us during this particularly difficult time. I also appreciate your company for manufacturing this product that is bringing relief to both pets and their owners.

"Tini" from Christine Pritchett - USA

I cannot begin to tell you what a difference your Feliway diffuser has made in my home. I was having a problem with one of my cats ( inappropriate wetting) and, when it was determined that her problem was behavioral, my vet recommended your product.

The diffuser, along with some behavioral retraining, has stopped her wetting entirely. She has always been a very timid cat ( she was feral when I brought her in) especially in a house with 3 other cats. Now she comes out to play and she seems so happy. Actually, we both are.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful item. I have told many other pet owners how impressed I am with Feliway and have suggested it to a co worker when she told me she was having a problem with her cat.

You have a customer for life. Thank you

"Murphy Brown" from Patti Mantey / Newport News - Virginia - USA

After the double-whammy of a new cat sitter and the recent loss of her mate, our 14-year-old cat, Murphy Brown, began urinating right in the middle of our guestroom bed. We knew it was a result of her stress and anxiety, but were at a complete loss as to what to do. Through online research we learned about the Feliway diffuser and spray.

We placed a diffuser in each room of the house and sprayed the surfaces of beds and sofas. The result was nothing short of miraculous! Murphy’s behavior changed almost overnight. She was calmed and the inappropriate elimination stopped completely. We continued to keep one Feliway diffuser in our living room throughout the remaining years of her life and the problem never recurred. Murphy is gone now and we just adopted two male kittens. It’s reassuring to know that, should I need it in the future, Feliway will be available to “save the day.” Thank you for a remarkable product.”