Feliway is an easy and proven way to keep your cats stress free under difficult situations. If you're a cat owner, you have probably experienced scrath marks, excessive urination and undue aggression. These can be a sign of excessive stress. This can be a result of: changes in the environment, multiple cats in a household, returning home from hospitalization, traveling, or introducing a new cat to your home. be prepared with Feliway's calming pheromones. You'll maintain a happy cat and a happy household!

Signs Your Cat May Need Feliway

Cat Scratching

Only vertical scratch marks are considered to be a sign of stress. But your cat can also scratch on vertical surfaces to keep its claws in trim.


Feline urine spraying is one of the primary methods used by cats to mark their territory. Whether male or female, neutered or not, it is exhibited in some way by almost every cat


In very stressful situations, some cats can react aggressively towards people, other cats or other household pets.